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Work habits. In the universe of habits, the category runs the gamut from the good, to the bad and even the ugly. Water, of course, is in the “good” category. Coffee all day? That lands squarely in the “bad” category. Soda all day? From a health perspective, it’s pretty ugly. We’ll focus on water for the moment. Even if you sprinkle in some coffee, some soda or other refreshment during your day, do make a point to have a bottle of water at hand just as you would any other critical business tool. Think of it as “I’ll bring my water (and my pen).” Or, “I’ll bring my water (and my laptop).” You get the point. Water comes first. Why am I so passionate about H20? Because down at the very mitochondrial level of all of us, it is the key to good health. It is indeed a very precious resource to our productivity and longevity.

5 Facts on the health benefits of drinking water.

1: Muscle Efficiency. Drinking water is essential for keeping muscles lubricated and energized.

2: Memory Function: Drinking water will improve the blood and oxygen flow to your brain improving function and memory.

3: Weight Loss. Drinking water helps flush out fat and other toxins which aids weight loss.

4: Aging Process. Drinking water keeps your skin moist, elastic, and helps reduce your risk of developing sagging, aging skin.

5: Temperature. Your body uses water to help regulate body temperature.