• reward your team
  • COVID-19 safety protocols
  • create a healing culture
  • strict sanitary standards
  • revitalize your team

We’ve all seen it. The empty office. As professionals, we spend (at least) eight hours a day, over 250 days a year, in our offices. Make them not deserts of comfort. Make them an oasis of serenity, filled with the things that inspire you. To accompany those items of inspiration, I recommend four simple additions to add a level of “vacation spirit” and relaxation at the office. Not ready to invest in a bonsai or a rake garden? Take these four simple steps to make your office a place of sanctuary.

1: Bring in a plant. Greenery has been proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels, as well as clean the air.

2: Look out a window. Take a break for a few minutes and look out a window. Looking at nature such as birds and trees can be a nice little mental escape.

3: Treat yourself to a foot massage. Bring a golf ball and get a relaxing foot massage. Rub your feet back and fourth over a golf ball.

4: Breathe. Take slow deep breaths can help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

5: Add a picture of your favorite vacation spot, or memory from a vacation. If it makes you smile, (and is suitable for work) it lifts your spirits.