4 Steps to Relaxation at the Office

We’ve all seen it. The empty office. As professionals, we spend (at least) eight hours a day, over 250 days a year, in our offices. Make them not deserts of comfort. Make them an oasis of serenity, filled with the things that inspire you. To accompany those items of inspiration, I recommend four simple additions […]

5 Tips to Calm in Chaos

Sometimes we all get out of balance. It can be as simple as that one extra deadline, or one unexpected circumstance that puts us off kilter. The research proves high levels stress can lead to less productivity, happiness and creativity. In its most destructive form, it can harm our health and impact our decision-making. We […]

Healthy Work Habits Series : Water

Work habits. In the universe of habits, the category runs the gamut from the good, to the bad and even the ugly. Water, of course, is in the “good” category. Coffee all day? That lands squarely in the “bad” category. Soda all day? From a health perspective, it’s pretty ugly. We’ll focus on water for […]